How we can help Dentists & Orthodontists

Orthodontists and dental professionals have struggled with relapse for over a century. Orofacial myofunctional therapy is an evidenced based treatment that has been shown to assist in recapturing the normal FREEWAY SPACE dimension through a structured and customized muscle retraining and habit modification program.

CCSPOM IS THE ONLY PRACTICE ON THE CENTRAL COAST OF CALIFORNIA THAT PROVIDES CERTIFIED OROFACIAL MYOLOGY SERVICES. Patricia is the only COM® between Santa Barbara and San Jose and has over 40 years of experience and extensive training with OMD's.

We can help with:

  • Parafunctional digit, lip, and tongue sucking habits
  • Inappropriate mouth open, lips apart resting posture
  • A mandibular interdental or linguadental tongue resting posture
  • Anterior or lateral linguadental or interdental contact during the swallow

What we do:

  • Eliminate parafunctional sucking habits
  • Instill and habituate a coronal, posterior tongue resting posture
  • Instill and habituate closed lips and nasal breathing at rest
  • Instill and habituate a mature swallow pattern with a consistent lingua palatal seal with saliva, liquids, and solids
  • Correct speech sound and speech clarity issues.

How Does It Work?

  • 60-90 minute initial evaluation (90 minutes for digit habits)
  • 12-16 weekly therapy visits for OMD's, 2-3 visits total for Digit Habits
  • Daily exercise practice 3 times daily with frequent habit reminder activities.
  • AGES: 9 years and older for OMD's, 5 yrs and older for Digit Habit
  • Parent and family involvement is REQUIRED
  • May be covered by medical insurance with medical doctor prescription/referral.

“ I have been working with Patricia over the last 12 years to help my orthodontic patients with tongue thrust and low tongue posture issues. The results that I have seen are impressive and help greatly with the proper growth of the face and jaws, as well as to facilitate the orthodontic treatment and maintain the orthodontic result. Motivated patients that follow her protocol achieve wonderful results. “

Learn how we can help your child with speech sound and fluency disorders as well as habit modification for digit sucking habits and tongue thrust.

for Parents

Learn how we can help your child with developmental speech issues.

Lean about evidence -based treatment for orofacial myofunctional disorders including tongue thrust,chronic open mouth posture/habitual mouth breathing, and digit habit elimination.

for Dentists & Orthodontists

Learn about effective treatments for motor-based speech conditions.

Learn about our motor- based therapy program for speech sound and fluency disorders as well as orofacial myofunctional therapy for treatment of maladaptive habits such as digit-sucking and tongue thrust.

for Pediatricians & Primary Care Doctors

Learn about effective treatments for motor-based speech conditions.

Speech therapy isn't just for children. We also help adults speak more confidently.

for Adults

Speech therapy isn’t just for children. We also help adults speak more confidently.


Patricia does a great job with little ones and clearly knows her stuff.

Marlena T.

Wait time, Quality, Environment, Customer service. Clearly, you know your topic! Thank you so much.

Dan K.

Very professional and inviting. Each experience is nothing less than gratifying, knowing that our child is getting the best of the best.


Environment, Wait time, Customer service, Quality. AMAZING!!

Jessica L.

Other, Environment, Wait time, Customer service, Quality. We appreciate the extra effort in helping with our insurance referrals!

Dawn C.

Always a great experience! Trisha is always so knowledgeable and professional. Thank you!

Mackenzie H.

Very professional and kid friendly service. So glad we found her.

Amy Y.

Therapist is great with my child! She really connects and will try different things until she finds what best works the best with my child.


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